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Natal Chart + 1 year of Forecast – 1h15m

The Natal Chart points to tendencies that unfold from time to time. In this context, tendencies and circumstances are revealed through the forecasting techniques used, such as Transits, Progressions, the Solar Return and other techniques

USD  125

Natal Chart Analysis

Analysis of the Natal Chart only – 45 min

 The Natal Chart, or the position of the Planets at the time you were born,  leads to many answers about your personal path. Find out about your vocation, living situation and love life in a reading that can answer deep questions

USD 90

Horary Astrology

Ask a question and get your answer – 30 min

Horary Astrology the questions are precise, for example, “Will I get the job?” or “Will the encounter with “X” unfold in a productive way?” It is advisable to ask one relevant question at a time

USD 80

Electional Astrology

The best time – 30 min

Electional Astrology is when the Astrologer is asked to choose the best date and time to start something important, such as opening a business, celebrating a wedding, or scheduling surgery.

USD 108 

Astro Locality

A panoramic view of the entire globe – 45 min

This is a specific branch where you get to know the best places in the world for work, love or vacations! We will investigate where you can go to live, earn money or have fun. Places to avoid are also given

USD 108

Relationship Analysis

Chart for 2 people – 1h30 min

Here we see the application of specific techniques such as Synastry, Composite Charts, Cycle of Venus and Solar Return specifically aimed at relationships. There are 2 charts and 2 people to be analyzed

USD 180

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