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The study of your Natal Chart provides a more comprehensive understanding of the circumstances you are involved​ in.

Paula Belluomini, CAP, began studying astrology as a teenager while living in Brazil. Growing up, she became fascinated with the movement of the stars and was passionate about learning how their positions affected life on Earth. She immersed herself in all the literature she could find on the subject, and moved to Southern California in the 90’s to continue her studies through independent coursework.


Later she completed the steps required to become a Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) by the ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) in 2015, and participated in several Astrological conferences promoted by ISAR and UAC (United Astrology Congress), and actively contributed to the Southern California Astrological Network (SCAN).


Paula’s main area of expertise and interest include modern astrology with a psychological approach, relationship analysis, as well as Electional, Mundane, and Traditional astrology. More recently, Horary astrology has piqued her interest because of its practicality and ability to answer questions in a more objective way.

Paula was selected to find and write the Opportunity Periods for the Daily Planetary Guide by Llewellyn’s, the largest circulation Astrological planner in the US, and is now serving as regional Vice-President ISAR Brazil.

In addition to providing astrological consultations, Paula teaches, gives lectures on specific astrological topics, writes daily posts about current astrological events, participates in study groups and continues her education on the stars.

Aside from astrology, Paula has a degree in Marketing and is an experienced graphic and web designer who often creates artwork with astrological themes. 

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